How to delete a custom report

Delete a custom report and remove access to all users the report had previously been shared with

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How to delete a custom report and what happens if it had been published to user homepages.

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If you have created a custom report comparing your survey results over time, or benchmarking your results internally/externally, but decide you'd like to delete the report, you can do so following the steps below.

Note: Be aware that if you published the report to other users, deleting the report will mean it can no longer be accessed by these users.

  1. Go to Surveys > Custom Reports in the main menu.

  2. Find the report you'd like to delete.

  3. Click the grey bin icon in the top right hand corner.

  4. A warning message will appear and if you're happy to delete the report for yourself and any other users it was published to, click Delete.

Once deleted, the report will no longer be available on your Custom Reports page, or in the Trend Analysis section of the homepages it was published to.

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