How to track your own scores over time

Track your own engagement, wellbeing & DEEI scores across multiple surveys

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How to track your own scores & compare across multiple surveys

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If you have taken part in multiple Engagement, Mental health, or DEEI surveys (diversity, equality, equity & inclusion), you can track how your scores change over time.

Create a comparison report to:

  • Track your overall Engagement/Mental health/DEEI score over time.

  • Track the 16 areas measured within the survey over time e.g. the Engagement survey measures 16 key aspects of work.

Track your overall score over time

Create a line chart tracking your average score across multiple surveys.

1. Hover over Surveys > click Custom Reports in the drop down menu.

2. Click the + sign under Build a report.

3. Four report types will appear - click Select under the Overall score over time title.

4. Using the pop up box, choose which surveys to include in your report using the Add surveys box. Switch between the Survey type tabs to add results from different surveys to your report.

5. Under the Surveys selected heading, add comments to appear within the report.

You may want to remind yourself of factors that impacted your scores at the time e.g. in the example below, the user has left a comment regarding resource challenges.

6. Click Create chart. Your line chart will be created and you can update the 'Name' of your report using the text box above the report.

Track scores for the 16 areas measured over time

Create a heatmap tracking the 16 areas of work/wellbeing measured in a particular survey over time.

1. Follow steps 1 & 2 listed above.

2. Click Select under the 16 scores over time title.

3. Select ONE survey type - either Engagement, Mental health or DEEI.

4. Use the Add surveys box to select which surveys to include.

5. Click Create chart. A heatmap will show your survey results side by side & in chronological order.

6. Change the Name of your report using the text box.

Publish your reports to your homepage

7. To publish this to your homepage, click Publish options underneath your report and publish.

Your report cannot be viewed by any other users and is strictly confidential.

8. Go to Home and scroll down to the Trend analysis section. Click View against your report to view this at any time.

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