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$WIFI wallet
Updated over a week ago

The $WIFI wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to receive and manage airdrop rewards and tips sent from other users, as well as accessing premium WiFi Map features. Here are the things you can do with it:

  • Deposit: If you’ve purchased or received $WIFI on an exchange that supports WiFi Map and want to use it in the WiFi Map app, you can send it straight to the in-app wallet.

  • Withdrawal: If you received $WIFI from an airdrop or as a tip, you can send it to an external wallet where you’ll be able to trade, sell or stake it. Please note that $WIFI which is deposited into the app cannot be withdrawn and will remain in the app until it is redeemed.

The maximum deposit to your wallet balance in $WIFI tokens must not exceed $1000.

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