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How to Add $WIFI Tokens to Your Wallet
How to Add $WIFI Tokens to Your Wallet
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Adding $WIFI tokens to your in-app wallet is a simple process. Here's a quick guide to help you deposit your tokens:

1. Open your WiFi Map app and navigate to the wallet screen.

2. Tap on the 'DEPOSIT' button to begin the process of adding $WIFI tokens to your wallet.

3. The Deposit screen will display a unique deposit address for transferring $WIFI tokens. Use this address to send $WIFI tokens from an external wallet or an exchange to your in-app wallet.

4. Deposits might take a short while to process. You can check the status of your deposit in the 'RECENT TRANSACTIONS' section of your in-app wallet.


  • Withdrawal limitations: $WIFI tokens received from exchanges or external wallets cannot be withdrawn from the in-app wallet.

  • Maximum wallet balance: Your $WIFI wallet can hold a maximum balance of $1,000. You cannot store more than this equivalent amount in $WIFI tokens in your wallet.

  • Cashback offer: Earn 15% cashback on premium services such as eSIM when you pay with $WIFI tokens. The cashback will be credited to your wallet within 3 days of the purchase.

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