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As soon as you begin uploading, you are ready to start sharing with team members or outside reviewers!

Share as you upload
When you first begin to upload an asset, you can choose to share it before it finishes uploading. This is a popular way to share amongst Wipster users because you can get your asset to your client or collaborator out the door faster.

Or from the Media Library, you can click on the 'Share' icon at the bottom right of your asset and you will see three options for sharing.

Select Share Type

Once you click to share, you will choose between the 3 share types and then choose a delivery method. 

Share for Review, Approval or Preview

(1) Share for Review - When you share for Review, the reviewer can leave comments to provide helpful feedback that will contribute to the creation of the next version of your project. After they are done commenting on the asset, they will click the ‘Finish review’ button and you will be notified via email.

(2) Share for Approval - When you share for Approval, you have the option to turn off commenting (or leave commenting on). The reviewer will open the asset and click the button to choose either ‘Approved’ or ‘Not Approved.’ You'll see this tally in the Info section on the project screen, as well as receive an email notification.

Share for Approval is optional – if you're not worried about getting approval or non-approval from your reviewers then you do not need to use this option.

(3) Share for Preview - This option will send out a clean view-only mode that has no comments attached. It is ideal for your clients who simply want to view the project as it stands, without all the comments.

In all ways to share, you can also choose to password protect or disable download.

Now that you know the methods for different ways of sharing, choose your method of delivery between a private email or shared link.

Sharing Delivery Method

The notifications people receive will depend on which of these two methods you use.

1. Send a private email (this is the default method) - Simply select one or more contacts, or enter email addresses into the field, then hit ‘Send.’ Wipster will then email an invitation to the reviewer to open the asset for feedback or approval.
Sharing via email will send the following notifications to the reviewer:

  • An initial email inviting them to review the video or image

  • A notification whenever there is activity on the video or image, i.e. someone makes a comment

  • An hourly digest of activity on the video or image, provided there has been activity in that hour

  • You also have the option to send one or more reviewers a 'Nudge' notification to remind them to get in there and review

Here's a preview of the email reviewers will receive:

2. Create a shareable link - Go to the URL section then click the 'Create the link' button and your new shareable link will be created. You can then copy and paste this link anywhere.
Reviewers will be asked to enter their name so you know who is viewing the asset, and they are asked to provide their email address only if they want to receive notifications. 

Here's what the reviewer sees when clicking the URL:

If your reviewer is receiving too many emails, they can open the settings for individual assets to toggle off notifications.

Note: We recommend emailing the asset instead of generating a shareable link because when you email, the reviewer will not need to enter their name in order to start reviewing - it’s pre-generated for them!


Share Multiple Assets At Once
If you would like to share more than one asset with a reviewer, simply select each asset you would like to share and a share icon will appear above. Like so:

A shareable link will point to a specific version of one or more videos or images.
If you upload a new version, those people who were on the previous version will not be automatically re-invited and will not have access until you share the new version with them.


Guest Access
If you are working with a contractor or a collaborator that needs to be able to download multiple assets or upload to a folder within your account, you can invite them as a team member and give them 'Guest Access' to one or multiple project folders.

To do this, select 'Add Team Member' from your account settings and then choose the project folder you want to invite them to.

The person who has Guest access will be able to review, comment on, download, and upload new assets to that Project Folder. 

Note: Only admins or account owners can invite Team Members.


Sharing with Integrations

Share using the Adobe Wipster Review Panel
You don’t even need to open the Wipster Web App to share a video! You can export, upload, and share your video using the Wipster Review Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects.

Simply download the Wipster Review Panel extension from the Adobe Exchange. After you install it, go into the Adobe App, then go to Window > Extensions > Wipster Review Panel. Within the Panel you can login and then share you current timeline or sequence with a reviewer.

Share via Slack Automated Messages
You can also integrate Wipster with your Slack workflow so your team is notified in a #channel (of your choice) when new content is uploaded, commented on, or approved in Wipster.

Simply go to the Integrations tab in your account settings and connect your Wipster account with your Slack account. Once connected, you can choose which notifications you want to turn on or off.

That covers all of the different ways that you can share with Wipster!
Check out our blog below for best practices.

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