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Mobile Browser App User Guide
Mobile Browser App User Guide

We've expanded on our mobile experience to provide more functionality for logged in Team Members.

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How does it work?

This Article details the use of Wipster on a mobile device. For the version used on Desktops and larger Tablet devices see here...

ℹ️ Our mobile experience provides many of the great features of the full Wipster Desktop version just optimized for your phone. It helps you create reviews, check in on reviewers and generally keep things moving whilst you’re away from your desk.

Please note that if you want to upload media file or generally reorganize your Media Library you will need to use the Desktop version...for now ;-)

Login and Team Selection

When you access the Wipster web application ( on a mobile device we’ll detect your device type and take you to our all new Mobile UI. You can log in using the same details you use for the Desktop version.

After log in you’ll be taken to the Media Library screen for your Team. If you have multiple Teams it’ll be the first one in your list on your initial login.

Didn’t want to view that Team? No problem! Open the profile panel by pressing

and choosing the Teams you want. We’ll even remember that choice for you when you next log in.

Media Library

The Media Library shows all your media files and folders.

The Media Library has two viewing modes. List View, great for scanning through a long list of media files and Detailed View which gives you thumbnails of the media and lots of handy information about reviews you have in progress.

List View

Detailed View

Searching for a file

You can also search for a media asset. Hit the magnifying glass icon and type in any part of the filename to return a list of matches from any of the folders in your current Team.

You can even search for a tag if that’s the way you have your files organized.

The more words you type the more specific the search will become so if you look for “Cat Dog” it’ll find all files where both words are present.

Once you’ve found the file you’re looking for you can either:

  • Create a share link to send to your reviewers to start a new review

  • Open it up in the Wipster Review tool to check in on a review in progress or respond to comments from reviewers or team mates

Starting a new Review

It’s time! All your assets are uploaded and you’re ready to send them out to your reviewers for feedback. This is a quick and simple process. Start by activating the Select media screen by ‘long pressing’ on a file or using the select button

From here you can add files to your selection by pressing the checkmark to the left of their thumbnail image.

Once you have all the ones you wish selected press the Share button to open the ‘Share media screen’.

You can double check you’ve got the right media files at any time by clicking on the ‘X items selected’ arrow to view the 'Media Ready for Sharing' screen. You can also remove media from this screen if you’ve selected something you didn’t intend to, then return to the 'Share media' screen to continue the creation of your review share.

From here there are two key decisions to be made. What type of review do you want to create and how do you want your Reviewers to access it?

Type of review and their options

Review (get feedback from reviewers)

  • Allow downloads (Reviewers can download the media files)

  • Password (Reviewers will need the password to access the review)

Approval (Get approval from key stakeholders)

  • Allow comments (Reviewers can add comments as well as Approve)

  • Allow downloads (Reviewers can download the media files)

  • Password (Reviewers will need the password to access the review)

Preview (Send the media files for viewing only. Handy for delivering the final version).

  • Allow downloads (Reviewers can download the media files)

  • Password (Reviewers will need the password to access the review)

Access types:

  • Email (sent directly to your Reviewers email with a link to access the review).

    • Add one or more email recipients or use the Address Book to find Reviewers your team has sent Reviews to in the past

    • Add an option message to be sent to your Reviewers in the email

    • Check the settings are correct then press Send. Your emails are on their way, sit back and wait for feedback!

  • URL (Create a URL that you can copy and send to your reviewers).

    • Check the settings are correct then press Create URL.

    • Copy the URL and send it to your Reviewers using the communications tool of your choice.

    • As soon as your Reviewers click the link they’ll be taken to the Review to start providing feedback.

⚠️ URL reviews are a great option when you wish to send a review to a large group, or to people who’s email is unknown to you.

Be aware, however, that anyone who finds the link will be able to access the review. If this is a concern we recommend setting a password for the review and sending that out separately to the URL.

Media status and review progress stats

The Detailed view provides information about the review status of the asset along with other details relevant to that stage of the review process.

ℹ️ Status works a little differently depending on whether you’re using Email or URL shares (more on this in the Starting a new Review section below). When you use Email we know how many people you’ve sent it to (and who they are) and can set statuses immediately. When you use URL we don’t know whether you’ve sent out the generated URL or how many people reviewed it, so won’t change status until we start to see them clicking the link and start looking at the media.

An asset may be in one of many states depending on who you’ve shared it with and what you’ve asked them to do.

No active shares

NO STATUS This version of the media file hasn’t been sent out for review or approval yet or you’ve sent it using a URL and none of the reviewers have clicked the link yet

Review shares

REVIEWING You’ve sent the asset out for Review using an Email share, or at least one URL reviewer has followed the link but not all the reviewers have finished providing feedback.

REVIEW COMPLETE All the reviewers we know about have finished giving feedback.

Approval shares

APPROVAL You’ve sent the asset out for Approval using an Email share, or at least one of you URL reviewers has followed the link, but hasn’t yet made the call to approve it or not.

APPROVED All the reviewers we know about have approved the asset.


At least one of the reviewers has rejected the asset, check their comments to see what still needs to be done.

Depending on the review stage you’ll also see additional information about the activity of your reviewers.

  • The version of the asset

  • Number of reviewers and how many of them have finished the review

  • Number of comments

  • How many Approvers have Approved or Not Approved the asset

Viewing an existing review

To view a media file and any existing feedback just tap on the asset you wish to view. This will open the review tool associated with that file type. This view is very similar to the one your reviewers use when providing feedback, you just have a few additional powers as a logged in member of the Team.

Viewing media

Video and audio

Playing and pausing the asset is done using the big round play/pause button. Either side of which you’ll see smaller controls that allow you to skip forward, or backward 10 seconds.

You can also see where you are in the file by looking at the timeline.

The green line gives you a visual indication of how far through the file you are. For more precision the number to the left of the bar shows the exact timestamp of your current frame and the number to the right show the duration of the file.

💡 When watching a video you can tap on the timestamps to switch to viewing frame counts

Media Options

Tap the icon to open the Media options. From here you can:

  • Choose the playback quality (SD, HD)

  • Change the playback speed

  • Enable Closed Captions (for Video files that have caption files associated with them)

  • Switch to full screen to (Video only). Full screen is great for watching the video but note you will need to flip back if you wish to add a comment.

Image and PDF

Pretty simple. Pinch to zoom in and out then drag to move around. PDFs appear as a single multi page document so scrolling between pages is as simple as sliding the document up or down.

Provide and respond to feedback

Clicking on an asset creates a new comment allowing you to provide feedback on the asset, exactly the same as if you were an external reviewer. In fact, if you’ve been sent a review or approval task via an email share link you’ll even see the status of your review here allowing you to mark it as ‘Done’ or ‘Approved’ when you’ve finished. If you’d like some tips on reviewing take a look at our handy reviewers guide.

You can see and reply to comments from reviewers by pressing the speech bubble button to open the comments view.

If you’d like to discuss reviewer feedback privately with other members of your team you can do so by clicking the ‘padlock’ icon to create a ‘team only comment’.

💡 Team only comments are also a great way to assign tasks to members of your team that they can check off when they’re done and won’t be seen by external reviewers.

You can also find details about all the people who have have viewed or reviewed the file from the Reviewers list available from the three dot menu at the top right of the screen.

Other options

  • Download the media file. Whilst reviewers can also do this if the review link they followed had the ‘download’ option enabled you always have this power. Use it wisely :-)

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