CodeWP conversational and chat features underpin our entire platform. Access them on multiple parts of the tool.

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CodeWP offers an AI chat feature that serves as a WordPress expert. It’s trained specifically on WordPress content, making it better than any other LLM that’s publicly available. It underpins the entire CodeWP experience, and is available in the dashboard, code editor, and as a chat-only interface.


We’re an AI-native product, and offer a conversational interface to the entire CodeWP experience. You can use the chat to create new projects, manage existing ones, and get help with your code. Simply enter what you’d like to do in the Dashboard’s chat input, and CodeWP will respond with the appropriate action, be it creating code, opening the chat interface, and more.

​Chat Interface

CodeWP’s Chat Interface is similar to ChatGPT, but much more accurate when it comes to WordPress.

The chat interface allows you to interact with CodeWP’s AI directly. While we offer the Code Editor as a way to create, edit, and explain code, the chat interface is available for any other WordPress-specific questions you may have.

Like the Code Editor, the Chat Interface also leverages Projects for additional context about a specific site, plugin-specific modes, and AI Vision. By using these three Pro features, you can get hyper-specific answers to your questions.

Most People use the Chat Interface to:

  • Troubleshoot a specific issue

  • Get help with a specific plugin

  • Research a specific topic

  • Explain code with a bias towards language-based answers

It’ll also handle code creation (like ChatGPT), though it’s not as robust as the Code Editor. If your conversation ends up generating code that you’d like to make into a snippet, you can do so by hovering over that message and clicking the “Create Snippet” button.

​Example Scenarios

  • Ask CodeWP what the best plugin is for a specific use case (e.g. “What’s the best plugin for SEO?”). It’ll respond with a list of plugins, unbiased by any affiliate links.

  • Ask CodeWP how to do something in WordPress (e.g. “How do I add a custom post type?”). It’ll respond with a simple code snippet, and a link to the relevant documentation.

  • Ask CodeWP a question about a specific plugin, while in a plugin-specific mode (e.g. “How do I add a custom post type in WooCommerce?”). It’ll draw on it’s knowledge of WooCommerce to respond with an accurate answer for 2023.

  • With a project connected, ask CodeWP to offer suggestions on how to improve your site’s performance (e.g. “How can I improve my site’s performance?”).

  • With vision connected, ask CodeWP to give suggestions on how to improve your site’s accessibility (e.g. “How can I improve my site’s accessibility?”).

​Code Editor

CodeWP’s codegen features are powered by a conversational interface.

Learn more about how to use the code editor in the Code Editor section.

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