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Sharing Snippets
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Building WordPress website is a very collaborative experience, even if you are a solo freelancer. There are many cases where it makes sense to share AI generated code snippets and chat responses. Because of this, CodeWP has several sharing features built in.

Public Sharing

You have the ability to make all generations publicly available. Like Google Docs, there is a robust sharing feature which allows you to quickly send generations to email addresses, and share to anybody via links.

Let's say that you see that a user has an issue on Facebook, and know that you can solve it with CodeWP. All you need to do is quickly create a generation, test it out, and then share it!

How To

  • First, take your snippet and click the sharing button

  • This will toggle a sharing interface where you can set the visibility to public.

  • Once the visibility is set to public, simply copy the link, and share it with whoever you want.

Email Sharing

If you would prefer to email a snippet directly to someone, this is possible as well. In the sharing interface, simply enter the users email, and they will get a notification and a private link that is only accessible to them.

Organizational Sharing

If you are subscribed to the agency plan and have multiple team members under one account, there are additional settings to help you easily share and collaborate on snippets, packages, and projects.

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