How Modes Are Tested (Alpha, Beta, GA)
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At CodeWP, we take a rigorous approach to testing new modes before releasing them publicly. This helps ensure each mode provides useful, relevant suggestions for your projects.

The Testing Process

Every new mode goes through four stages of testing:


The initial internal testing phase. During alpha, the mode is available to CodeWP team members only for evaluation.

Private Beta

Once a mode shows promise in alpha testing, it advances to a private beta. Private betas are open to a small group of customers by invitation. Their feedback helps refine the mode before public release.

Public Beta

After successful private beta testing, a mode becomes available in public beta. Public betas are open to all CodeWP users. This wider testing further stabilizes the mode.

How To Access Public Beta Features

To access Public Beta features, first go to the settings page. Then, toggle the switch that says "Opt into Public Beta Features".

General Availability (GA)

The final stage is general availability. Modes that complete the testing process without issues graduate to GA status. They become fully supported modes available to all customers.

Checking a Mode's Status

Each mode's current testing status is shown on its overview page. Look for badges like "Alpha," "Private Beta," or "GA" under the mode name. This lets you know what stage of testing a mode is currently in.

Testing modes rigorously allows us to release only high-quality, stable options to our customers. If you have any questions about the testing process, please contact our support team.

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