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How do I create an account in Writable?
How do I create an account in Writable?

You can easily create an account in Writable with Google, Microsoft, or one of our other supported partners.

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If your school or district has purchased Writable through HMH Ed you will need to log in to Ed and launch Writable using these directions.

Follow these steps to create or log in to your Writable account:

1. Visit and choose your sign-on option.

  • Click 'Sign in with Google' to use a Google Classroom or Gmail account

  • Choose 'Sign in with Microsoft' to sign in with a Microsoft or Outlook account

  • If your school/district has set up a Schoology integration, click 'Sign in with Schoology' to link your accounts

❗️Note: If your school/district uses Canvas with Writable, you will need to log into Canvas and access Writable following these directions to link your accounts.

2. Select "I'm an Educator"

❗️Note: You will only need to make this selection once upon creating your Writable account.

3. Select the grade levels you teach (Elementary, Middle School, or High School) and where you teach. Click to read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and then click 'Continue'.

❗️Note: The grade levels you select will be the default content shown in your account, but you can still browse and assign content from all grade levels.

4. Select your school by entering the name and/or zip code. It is highly recommended to choose your school so you can be correctly added to any current licenses and show up accurately in reporting.

💡Tip! Don't see your school listed? Scroll to the bottom of the list and click 'I can't find my school' to enter your information in a form. We'll be sure to add it!

That's it! You've created your Writable account. Now you can get your students writing!

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