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How do students join my class?
How do students join my class?

Students may need to enter a unique code to join your class. Learn how to find your class code and share it with your students.

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Writable offers rostering options for teachers using Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, and HMH Ed. If you are using courses linked to your LMS, students will automatically be enrolled in your classes and will not need a join code.

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Sharing the Join Code (Teachers)

Note: Classes linked from Google Classroom, HMH Ed, Schoology, or Canvas will not have a join code. Students will need to access Writable through the LMS and will be automatically added to your imported rosters.

Follow these steps to help students join your Writable-created classes:

1. Log into Writable and click 'Classes' in the navigation bar.

2. Click on the class to expand its details.

3. There are two options to share with your students:

  • Copy the Join Code. You can email the code to your students, or distribute it to students in whatever way works for you!

  • Click 'Copy Join Link' to copy a direct link to Writable to your clipboard. This can be shared via email or in an online class announcement.

4. Students will use the shared link or go to to create an account. If students have an existing Writable account, they can log in and enter your class code with these directions.

Joining a Class (Students)

Once you have shared the Join Code or Join Link with students, they will follow these steps to create their accounts. You can also share these steps directly with students using this link.

Note: If students already have a Writable account, they can follow these steps to join another class.

1. Go to the Join Link your teacher has shared, or visit

2. Click 'I’m a student'.

3. Choose one of the log in options.

Which option should I pick?

  • Choose "Sign in with Google" if your teacher uses Google Classroom or you regularly use a Google account with your school device.

  • Choose "Sign in with Microsoft" if your teacher uses a Microsoft Teams group for your class, or if your school uses Microsoft accounts.

  • Choose "Sign in with Schoology" if your teacher is assigning to your class via Schoology.

  • Choose "Don't have one of these?" if you do not have an email or account associated with the previous options.

Need help with creating your account? Click here for more detailed steps.

4. Once you have logged in with your account you'll be added to your teacher's class and can now see your Writable assignments!

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