In Writable, you can see state standards in a few different places:

  • In 'Explore' as you look through assignments, so that you can see what standards your students will practice with any particular assignment.
  • In your 'Teacher Dashboard,' where you can see students’ scores on an assignment by standard.
  • In your 'Reports,' where you can see students’ progress over time by standard.

You can change which standards you see in your account by selecting the state you teach in:

1. Log in to the app and click on your name in the upper right corner. Then click 'Account Details.'

2. Click on the blue pencil next to 'State.'

3. Use the dropdown to find the state you teach in (all states are in this list, scroll up or down to see more). Click on the state name.

4. Click the “Done” button in the bottom right corner.

Now, whenever you look at assignments in “Explore,” or when you look at reports after your students have submitted writing, you’ll see standards specific to your state.

Please Note: Our collection of state standards is still a work in progress. If the standards you see in Writable don’t look accurate, it’s possible we haven’t aligned to them yet. Please email with questions or for more information.

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