The Teacher Dashboard gives you insight on class progress for the assignment they're currently working on. To access the dashboard for each class:

1. Click 'My Assignments' and find one of your active assignments:

2. Click the class/section you'd like to view. [Note: before drilling down to see a class's detailed progress, you can always what percent of students have Turned In work and what percent have been Graded by you.]

Once on your teacher dashboard, you’ll see it’s broken up into a few areas:

  1. Grade Submissions: This area lets you track progress – what percentage of students have completed writing, as well as the various types of feedback that may have been assigned. It also shows what percent of submissions have been reviewed by a teacher. Click the 'Grade Submissions' box to grade or give feedback, which will take you to a digital 'stack' of papers, with grading filters and stored comments to save you time.
  2. The 'Collect Papers' feature forces all papers to be submitted and students can no longer submit their work; this feature is helpful if students need to work on a timed writing assignment or an assessment. 'Export Data' allows you to export scores or writing to Google Docs, Google Sheets, a CSV, or a PDF.

3. 'View Feedback' shows average scores from teachers, peers, self-review, and RevisionAid AI feedback. Clicking on this box shows teachers more details on how different types of scores compare.

4. 'Revision Spotlights' show teachers what percent of students are submitting more than 1 revision (in this case, it's 48%), as well as what percent of students are successfully acting on comments in their next revision (in this case, it's 58%). Clicking on 'Revision Spotlight' allows teachers to model writing drafts side-by-side, as well as to model which comments were more or less successful in creating purposeful revision.

At the bottom of the page, teachers can sort their class roster by Category, Skill, Standard or RevisionAid category. They can also see students who are On Watch (scoring 70% or below on Self, Peer or Teacher review), On Target (scoring above 70%), or No Results (which means students have not submitted writing yet). If your class roster is being imported from an LMS or HMH Ed, you may see Inactive students in your class roster.

Finally, let's look at one student in the roster to understand the data. Jack Writable has completed 100% of his writing but only 33% of his assigned peer and/or self reviews. His teacher has given him a 67%, peers have scored him a 69%, and RevisionAid AI feedback gave his last revision an 87%. He has not yet self-reviewed.

The teacher will see when the submission was last submitted and/or graded on the right. Click on the blue text to give feedback on a student's work or see their received self/peer/AI feedback.

When a student is actively working on a submission or revision, their status will say "Writing now". Clicking on that link will allow the teacher to give the student live conferencing feedback.

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