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How do I find and copy assignments from 'My District'?
How do I find and copy assignments from 'My District'?

'My District' is an easy way to share assignments with staff.

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When your district or school has published an assignment to 'My District', follow these steps to copy it to your own account:

1. Click the 'Explore' page, then select 'My District' from the left menu.

Note: Make sure your grade level is set to the correct grade band to find the correct content for your students.

2. Click on the Collection you'd like to view. Collections are set up by your district administrator.

3. Click an assignment you'd like to use, then click 'Copy Assignment'.

❗ Note: If your admin has set up a Shared Assessment, you will click 'Join Assessment'. To learn more about Shared Assessments, click here.

4. Finally, navigate to the 'My Assignments' page and you'll see the assignment ready to assign to your students.

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