Sharing a rubric with others in your school or District, makes it possible for them to find and use the red brick with their class. This is especially helpful if you're adapting rubrics that are specific to your district or school and you don't want everyone creating their own versions of the same rubric.

1. Find the assignment you'd like to work on in your 'My Assignments' tab and click on the assignment.

2. Next, click on 'Edit'.

3. Scroll to the 'Writing & Review' section. Click 'Save Rubric'.

4. Name your rubric and use the drop-down menu next to the title to select the type of writing it can be used for.

5. Check the box next to 'Share with Everyone in My District' then click 'Save'.

6. Now your colleagues can use that rubric by clicking 'Edit' in any assignment they're working on and scrolling down to the 'Writing & Review' section, and then clicking 'Replace Rubric'.

They'll find the shared rubric under 'District Rubrics' and can click 'Use Rubric' to use it in their assignment.

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