Sharing a rubric with others in your school or district makes it possible for them to find and use the rubric with their class. This is especially helpful if you're adapting rubrics that are specific to your district or school.

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Starting From 'My Rubrics'

  1. The 'My Rubrics' tab on the My Assignment page allows you to create, edit, and manage rubrics separately from an assignment. Click on an existing rubric, or click to create a new rubric.

2. On the 'Edit Rubric' window, add a title to the rubric that teachers will be easily able to recognize.

3. Check the box next to 'Share with Everyone in My District'. This will allow teachers in the district to view and use this rubric.

4. Teachers will see the rubric in their 'My Rubrics' tab and when exploring rubrics while creating and editing an assignment. To create an assignment with this rubric, teachers can click anywhere in the box, as seen below.

Sharing a Rubric from an Assignment

Use these steps to save and share a rubric from an assignment you've already created.

1. Click 'My Assignments' and click on the assignment. Click the 'Edit' button to view the rubrics attached to the assignment.

2. Scroll down to the sections of the assignment, and click 'Save to My Rubrics'.

3. Give your rubric a title that teachers will easily be able to recognize and click 'Save'.

4. Check the box next to 'Share with Everyone in My District' then click 'Done'.

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