You can have students complete self-reviews along with, or instead of, peer reviews. Self-reviews allow students to review their own writing using the same checklist that peer reviewers use. Students use the checklist to give themselves a score and reflect on how they might improve their writing.

1. When you're ready to assign, click 'My Assignments', find the assignment you want students to complete, and click the 'Assign' button.

2. Check the box next to the class(es) you'd like to assign the activity and click 'Next'.

3. Check the box to add a self-review, and then click 'Assign'.

4. When students log in and submit their writing, they’ll be automatically asked to review their writing using the checklist. Students can add comments to reflect more deeply on their writing. Students will have comment stems available to help provide comments aligned with the rubric.


If your assignment contains short response type questions, your students will see the rubric and complete their self-review beneath their response. They will not be able to add comments to short response questions.

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