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How do students complete a self-review?
How do students complete a self-review?

Students use self-reviews to give themselves a score and reflect on how they might improve their writing.

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You can have students complete self-reviews along with, or instead of, peer reviews. Self-reviews allow students to review their own writing using the same checklist that peer reviewers and teachers use.

Teachers can share this video with students to walk them through the steps of completing a self-review:

1. Log in to Writable and click on the assignment.

2. Click anywhere in the 'Review' tile to begin.

Note: If self-review is enabled, students will be prompted to review as soon as they have submitted the assignment. Students can follow these steps to get back to self-review at any time.

3. Read your writing submission. Start by selecting the star rating for a rubric item.

4. Click 'Add Comment' to leave yourself notes and reminders on ways to improve your writing when your revise.

5. After completing the entire rubric and leaving helpful comments, click 'Submit'.

Students can confirm they have completed their assigned reviews on the assignment dashboard here:

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