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How do I collect and return assignments to students?
How do I collect and return assignments to students?

Learn about how to collect papers to manage when students are writing and return papers to allow them to revise.

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Writable allows teachers to manage assignments by collecting and returning papers. Teachers can force-submit their students' writing and assign zero scores for incomplete work.

💡 Looking to set a future "collect on" date? Check out this article.

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Collecting Papers

Teachers can 'Collect Papers' for a Writable assignment to prevent students from making changes to their writing. This can help to:

  • Ensure all students submit their work to you at the same time and everyone gets the same amount of time on an assignment.

  • Limit students’ access to assessments and assignments from home.

  • Prevent students from revising while you are grading.

1. Go to 'My Assignments' and select the assignment your students are working on.

2. Click the class you'd like to collect papers from.

❗ Note: If you have more than one class working on an assignment, you’ll need to collect from each class individually.

3. From the dashboard, click 'Settings' on the left side.

4. Click 'Collect Papers' in the top right corner.

5. You'll be asked if you'd like to force submit the assignment for students who haven't yet submitted it. Submitting their work allows you to look at their writing and provide feedback. Click 'Submit Drafts' to force submit, or click 'Skip.'

6. Next, decide if you would like to assign a zero score for students who have done no writing. This means students who have done no work on the assignment will have a 0 pushed to any linked gradebook (i.e. Canvas, Google, or Schoology). Check the box with your preference and then click 'Collect Papers'.

Student View when Papers are Collected

If an assignment is collected, your students’ dashboards for that particular assignment will be grayed out and they’ll see a notice that they cannot currently access the assignment.

Once you return assignments to them, students will be able to click the 'Read & Write' and 'Review' sections as usual.

Returning Papers

When you return to the Settings view, you’ll see the 'Papers Collected' notice at the top as well as the 'Return Papers' button, which you can click when you’re ready to return assignments to students.

Note: Assignments will be returned to all students in the class for them to continue writing and revising.

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