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How do I add, remove, or adjust assignment sections?
How do I add, remove, or adjust assignment sections?

Adjust sections in an assignment to provide additional scaffolding or add variety to the assignment.

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Assignments in Writable can be set up with multiple sections to help scaffold the writing process for students or provide additional response options.

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About Sections

There are two types of sections in Writable assignments.

  • Single Response Sections provide students with one area to write their responses. These sections will be linked to a rubric used for self, peer, and teacher review. Single Response sections are ideal for essays and other composition assignments.

  • Multi Response Sections provide multiple areas for students to write and respond. Multi Response sections can include graphic organizers, multiple-choice, and short-response questions. These are ideal for planning, activating prior knowledge, and checking for understanding.

Follow these steps to view sections in an assignment:

1. Go to 'My Assignments' and click on the assignment you want to edit. Then click the 'Edit' button.

2. (Optional) Click 'More' in the Assignment Settings to choose how you would like to display the sections in the assignment.

Tip! We recommend choosing "Tabs" if you are using sections for different parts of the writing process (ex. Plan, Draft, Final). If your sections reflect parts of an essay (ex. Introduction, Body Paragraph, Conclusion), then we'd recommend selecting "Inline". You can always preview how the sections will appear by clicking 'Preview As Student'.

3. Beneath the Prompts you will see sections shown as tabs, as seen below. Click on a tab to view the section details.

Adding and Removing Sections

1. To add a new section, click the blue + icon next to the section tabs.

2. Choose which type of section to add to the assignment. Then, click 'Add Section'. Follow the steps to add a rubric, organizer or create short response questions.

3. To remove a section, click the three-line icon next to the section tabs and select 'Delete Section'.

Adjusting Sections

1. To move a section, click and drag the tab to change the order.

2. If you'd like to change the title of a section you can double-click the tab, or click the three-line icon and select 'Rename Section'.

3. If you would like to make a section worth more or less than other sections, click the three-line icon and select 'Edit Section Weights'.

In the example below, the "Plan" section will not be counted in the students' final grades, while the other sections will each count for 50% of their grade.

Note: Even if a section is weighted as "0" students can still receive feedback from teachers and peers.

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