You can add multiple choice questions to any prompt, including existing prompts.

1. Go to 'My Assignments' and click on the assignment you want to add a multiple-choice question to and click 'Edit'.

2. Click 'Prompt text will appear here'.

3. Click '+ New Prompt' if you're creating a new prompt.

Or click 'Edit' if you’re working with an existing prompt.

4. Next, click 'Multiple Choice Questions', then 'Add Question'.

5. Set the scoring for your question. The default will be “1 Point” but you can choose from 1-5 points.

6. Select the quiz type by clicking the button in the right-hand corner. The default will be 'Single Answer Quiz' but you can choose from three types.

7. Click 'Add Option' as many times as you need to enter the answer choices you want to give students.

8. Check the box next to the correct answers.

9. Lastly, click 'Details' to enter tags you can use for your reporting data. This is information only teachers see, so you can enter a “Category” tag, choose skills from our bank of skills, and enter state standards to keep track of students’ performance from assignment to assignment, or over time.

10. When you’ve finished, click “Back to Assignment Prompts”.

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