We understand that tailoring learning experiences to meet individual student needs is a priority for teachers. Writable has easy-to-use prompt differentiation options to adjust lessons with the student in mind.

Prompt differentiation adapts one assignment to meet a wide range of student abilities. You can customize prompts with different readings, graphic organizers, and questions. Each prompt has a designated level from 1 (least supports) to 5 (most supports). While assigning you can match students with the right prompt for their needs. Follow the directions below to get started!

Before you Begin

Decide how you will differentiate the lesson to meet student needs. For example:

  • Same reading passage with adjustments to the writing prompt and scaffolded supports.
  • Different reading passages and prompts at varying levels of difficulty based on the ability of each student.

Create a Lesson With Differentiated Prompts

  1. Click 'My Assignments' and find the assignment you’d like to edit.
    + If you don't have an assignment, follow these directions: Create an Assignment or Customize an Existing Assignment.
Picture of My Assignments Page.

Note: It's best to edit 'Inactive Assignments'. To help avoid invalidating work in 'Active Assignments', we've disabled some editing features. If assignment edits are necessary, please keep in mind how your changes may impact existing content.

2. Click on the assignment you would like to edit.

3. Then click the 'Edit' button.

4. Next, click on the 'Manage Prompts, Readings, & Settings' button to edit the prompt.

5. Click 'Edit' to adjust the prompt and assignment content based on the first level, the least amount of support. Click 'Done' when you have completed your edits.

6. Next, click 'Duplicate' to copy the prompt and make edits.

7. Click 'Edit' on the duplicated prompt to add additional supports.

8. Edit each level individually. You can adapt the writing prompt, select different readings, add graphic organizers and sentence stems, or include questions aligned to the correct level of support. Click here for more information on editing a prompt.

9. After you have edited all the desired content, select 'Prompt Differentiation', include a description, and click 'Done'.

Note: Each prompt should have a designated level from 1 (least supports) to 5 (most supports).

10. Repeat the above editing process for each of the prompt levels included in the differentiated assignment.

11. Preview your assignments to see your differentiated assignment! You will need to click the 'Change Prompt' in order to see the assignment variation.

11. In the 'Assign' flow, you can match students with the right prompt.

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