Built to support teachers during times of virtual instruction (or when face-to-face feedback isn't possible), this feature allows a teacher to guide student writing earlier in the writing process, when the student may be most amenable to receiving feedback. Live feedback simulates what a teacher would do when conferencing with a student face-to-face, whether individually or during small group instruction.

To use Live Feedback in Writable:

1. Go to the 'My Assignments' page and click the assignment and the class you'd like to view.

2. Scroll down to the student roster at the bottom of the page. Once students have started a draft, you will see 2 types of student writing statuses. You can reach both students for some quick feedback during their draft.

3. Click on the blue 'Writing now' or 'Last modified' links to give the student live feedback by filling out the conferencing note at the bottom of the screen:

4. The student will receive this feedback in two places inside Writable, on their checklist and in the top right-corner of their screen noted by a red alert.

Using live feedback and embedded Google Docs:

If you have set up your assignment to have an embedded Google Doc inside the student writing area, you can go into live editing with a student when you give them live feedback.

Follow the steps above and then click 'Open in Google Docs'. Your edits in their paper will show up for the student in real-time:

Live feedback is not meant to replace more formal teacher feedback that may come later in an assignment. Providing feedback while a student is writing helps add more informal guidance in the moment. Students must still submit their writing to indicate to the teacher that they are ready for more formal feedback or grading.

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