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How do I use Writable's Instant Conference to provide feedback?
How do I use Writable's Instant Conference to provide feedback?

Communicate with students in real-time using Instant Conference.

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Writable's Instant Conference allows teachers to engage students during the writing process with in-the-moment guidance and feedback.

We want to hear from you! Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback by reaching out to us at

Follow these steps to use Instant Conference to chat with individual students or targeted groups of students with similar needs.

1. Go to the 'My Assignments' page and click the assignment and the class you'd like to view.

2. Click the 'Guide/Grade' tab.

3. Navigate to a Short Response question.

Tip! Click the red badge icon to skip ahead to questions with new student submissions for review.

4. Below a student's writing, click 'Send a message to...' and write a note for the student.

5. Click the arrow icon or press Enter to send to the student.

6. Students will see the message in their assignment and as a notification in the top right corner of their Writable screen. Clicking on the notification will open the comment in their assignment.

7. Students can click on a message to view its entirety and reply back to their teacher. You will see the student's replies in the same chat window.

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