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How do I see student writing in a 'stack' when I'm ready to grade?
How do I see student writing in a 'stack' when I'm ready to grade?

View student submissions in a virtual grading 'stack'.

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Click here for a step-by-step walk-through of grading and feedback options.

1. Go to 'My Assignments' and click the assignment you would like to grade.

2. Click the class you would like to grade.

3. From the Assignment Dashboard click 'Grade Now'.

4. At the top of the grade screen, you’ll see:

  • The name of the assignment

  • The name of the class

    Tip! You can select more than one class at a time to grade.

  • Grading filters

Use the dropdown menus to make any adjustments to what you'd like to grade.

5. Choose if you would like to grade anonymously by checking the 'Anonymous Grading' option. This will hide student names while scoring. Then click 'Start Grading'.

6. Once you've scored and left feedback, click the 'Submit' or 'Submit & Next' to move to the next student.

Note: You can submit a partial review, scoring only some of the rubric items or only leaving comments. Incomplete reviews will share feedback to students, but will not compute a final score. Follow these steps to finish a partially complete review.

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