Student writing and detailed scores can be exported from the 'Growth Report' under the Reports tab using these directions.

1. Click 'Report' at the top of your page and use the dropdown menus to select your report options.

  • Click 'All Genres' and select the genre for the assignments that you would like to compare.

  • Click 'Select...' and choose an assignment.

  • OPTIONAL: Click the second 'Select...' box to choose an assignment you want to compare.
    Note: This assignment should have been completed after the first.

2. Check 'Final Only' to export only teacher grades and reviews.

3. Click 'Export' and select an option for where you would like to export your data.

Note: If you decide to export to Google Drive, you’ll also be asked whether you want to export just grades or grades and students’ writing, and then click 'Export'.

4. If you exported to a CSV or PDF file, it will download locally to your device. PDFs will include comments and scores along with student writing.
If you exported to Google Sheets or Google Docs you'll see a link to open the file.

Notes for Google exports:

  • If you exported grades to a Google Sheet, you’ll get a spreadsheet with all of your class information in multiple tabs:
    “Class Avg Writing Score Section”, "Skill Report", “Student Score/Rubric”, and “Class Avg Reviewing Alignment Score Section”.

  • If you exported writing to a Google Doc, you’ll get a link to a document with your student's writing submissions and grades. Student submissions will be listed one after the other, with the student's name and information at the top, then the scores and comments you gave them, and lastly the student's writing.

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