Students can access RevisionAid as long as their teacher has enabled it for the particular prompt they're responding to. (Read more about enabling RevisionAid here.)

Once the teacher has done that, students can do the following:

1. First, click on the assignment.

2. Then, click 'Read & Write'.

3. Click on the 'RevisionAid' button in the top right corner of the writing screen.

4. Click on the stars next to each paragraph to expand each piece of feedback and view recommended edits. For example, the student below clicked on the red star to view feedback for the body paragraph.

NOTE: Even when a star is green, there may be some yellow areas that suggest improvements. Students should click on all of the stars to make sure they haven't missed important feedback!

Tip: RevisionAid provides AI feedback to a student and it is ideally combined with human feedback such as teacher, self, or peer review. It focuses on the organization and structure of the writing being evaluated, looking for common elements that are found in a good piece of Informational or Argumentative writing.

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