❗NOTE: If the assignment includes an embedded Google Doc, students will not need to export their writing. Writing in an embedded Google Doc will automatically save to their Google Drive. To learn more about using Google Docs in a Writable assignment, check out this article.

If students are not using an embedded Google Doc, they will see 'Export to Google Docs' in the top right corner of their writing screen. To export writing to Google Docs:

1. Log into Writable and click on the assignment.

2. Click the 'Read & Write' section.

3. Click the 'Export' button in the top right corner and then select 'Create a New Google Doc'.

NOTE: Students can only export to a Google Doc if they have connected their account to Google.

4. To view your exported writing, click 'View this Google Doc'.

Tip: When students look at their Google Drive, they will see a series of documents, each with its own date stamp so students can find the right version before they submit or share. Documents exported from Writable will have a default title in the format Writable – Assignment Title – Date but they can be renamed by the student.

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