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How do I add Google Docs to my students’ assignment?
How do I add Google Docs to my students’ assignment?

Embed a Google Doc in your Writable assignment so students can access writing in the app and on Google Drive.

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Adding an embedded Google Doc in your assignment allows students to go full-screen in their Google Doc, and use Google's built-in tools such as voice-to-text, word count, and more.

❗NOTE: This feature is not recommended for students using iPads.

Learn more about using Google with Writable here.

Follow these steps when assigning to embed a Google Doc in your assignment.

1. Click 'My Assignments' and click the assignment you want students to complete.

2. Click the 'Assign' button in the upper right corner of the assignment tile.

3. Select the classes you'd like to assign to.

4. Check the box next to 'Students write in a Google Doc' to embed a Google Doc in the assignment. Click 'Assign'.

NOTE: If you’re assigning to a class synced with Google Classroom, this box will be checked automatically.

5. When students access the assignment they will be able to write in an embedded Google Doc and use the toolbar, all while still accessing the scaffolding and rubrics available in Writable. Read more about how students will use an embedded Google Doc here.

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