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Can students 'un-submit' a Writable assignment in Google Classroom?
Can students 'un-submit' a Writable assignment in Google Classroom?

Students can mark an assignment unsubmitted in Google Classroom and revise their writing in Writable

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Google Classroom allows students to let the teacher know that they are ready to turn in their assignment or unsubmit a previously turned-in assignment. The steps below detail how a student can unsubmit a Writable assignment to revise and resubmit.

❗ Note: If students click 'Unsubmit' for a Writable assignment in Google Classroom, their writing will still be submitted in the Writable assignment. Students will need to go to Writable directly to unsubmit and revise their writing.

1. (Optional) Students can click 'Unsubmit' in Google Classroom to let their teacher know they'd like to continue working on the assignment. This does not unsubmit their submission in Writable. Students will still need to go to the Writable assignment to revise their work.

2. Then, click the assignment again from the Google Classroom stream.

3. Click to enter the Writable assignment. Students may be prompted to log in to their Writable account.

4. Then, click 'Read & Write' from the assignment dashboard.

5. Students will then revise their work following these steps.

6. Once the student resubmits their writing in Writable they will click ‘Turn in Google Classroom Assignment’ to turn in their work once more.


Tip! If teachers do not want students to continue working on an assignment in Writable (for example, a formative assessment or a timed on-demand writing prompt), they can use Collect Papers to prevent further changes.

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