To install Writable for Canvas in your school or district, please have your Canvas administrator follow these instructions. Please contact us at if you have any questions along the way.

  1. Start in the ‘Admin’ section of Canvas.
  2. Go to 'Developer Keys' and add a new Key.

3. Choose '+ LTI Key':

4. Fill in these fields and click 'Save':

Method: Enter URL
Key Name: Writable
Owner Email: <your email>
Redirect URIs:

5. Change State to ON, then record the Client ID associated with your new Developer Key and copy it somewhere handy. Note: copy the SHORT version of the key (per the arrow), do not open "Show Key" when you copy.

6. Visit Admin -> Settings -> Apps, then choose ‘View App Configurations’:

7. Click ‘+ App’ to configure a new External App:

8. Choose 'By Client ID' and specify the Client ID that you recorded above:


9. Click 'Submit' then 'Install':


Congrats! You and your teachers will now* see Writable show up as an added External App in Canvas whenever assignments are created.

* Note: There may be a delay while Canvas propagates the changes. We recommend logging out and back in after completing setup before attempting to configure Writable in an assignment.

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