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How do I create a Writable assignment in Canvas? 🎥
How do I create a Writable assignment in Canvas? 🎥

Learn how to create a Writable assignment in Canvas, which will allow you to import your Canvas roster into Writable.

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Teachers can use Writable with Canvas by creating an assignment in Canvas that connects to your Writable assignment.

❗Note: It's helpful to pre-create or find and copy an assignment to 'My Assignments' inside Writable before following the guidance in this article.

  1. As a teacher, navigate to your Canvas course and click on ‘Assignments.’

  2. Click ‘+ Assignment.’

  3. Fill out the assignment details as usual for Canvas. When you get to 'Submission Type,' please choose ‘External Tool.’

  4. Click ‘Find’ to find Writable.

  5. Click 'Writable' from the list.

    ❗Note: If 'Writable' does not appear in this list, please have your Canvas admin follow these steps to setup Writable in Canvas.

    ❗️Note: After you click Writable, you may be asked to Connect your Google or Microsoft account. This will ensure that any existing work assigned or completed in Writable in the past will come into your Canvas-connected account moving forward.

  6. You will now see the ‘My Assignments’ screen from Writable (in a small window). Select the assignment you'd like to use or click 'Explore Assignments' to find an assignment in the Writable or My District collections.

    Note: If you have not yet created your assignment, you can select 'Explore Assignments' or 'Create Assignment'. This will open up Writable in a new tab where you will create your assignment. After you finish creating your assignment, you will see the 'Assignment Ready' pop-up. The tab will automatically close and take you back to Canvas.

  7. Choose your Writable assignment settings, as usual, then click ‘Select Assignment.’

  8. Click ‘Select’ to complete the link between the Writable assignment to the Canvas assignment.

  9. Click 'Load This Tool in a New Tab' to allow the Writable assignment to display in full screen for students. Complete the remaining assignment details, and click 'Save and Publish.'

  10. You and your students will now see the assignment in the 'Assignments' list in Canvas:

Working to share curriculum in Canvas?

You can publish Writable assignments to Canvas Commons and ask your teachers to find and copy them from there.

❗Note: Canvas Commons is currently recommended only for assessments or other assignments that receiving teachers do not need to customize. Please reach out to the Writable team with any questions.

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