Teachers can now create Canvas assignments from inside their Writable account. This article will show you how to assign to your Canvas courses directly from Writable.

❗ Note: Your Canvas Administrator must complete the set up steps in this article, and receive confirmation that your Canvas integration has been completed before assigning to Canvas from Writable.

1. Log in to your Writable account.

2. Select an assignment from the 'My Assignments' page. Don't have an assignment yet? Copy an assignment, or create your own.

2. Click 'Assign'.

3. Choose your Canvas courses. You can assign to multiple Canvas classes at once.

4. In addition to the assignment options, check the 'Create in Canvas' box. Enter how many points you'd like the assignment to be worth in your Canvas gradebook.

Tip! If you do not see the 'Create in Canvas' option, click 'Back' to make sure you've only selected Canvas-imported classes to assign to.

Your students can access their assignments inside their Canvas course or directly from app.writable.com. When you grade in Writable, scores will sync to your Canvas gradebook.

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