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How do I sync my Schoology rosters with Writable?
How do I sync my Schoology rosters with Writable?

Learn how to sync your Schoology rosters with Writable

Updated over a week ago

Follow these steps to sync your current class roster in Schoology, with your Schoology class roster in Writable.

  1. Log into your Schoology account.

  2. Select the Schoology course in which you would like to sync with Writable.

  3. Click on the 'Writable' link located on the left navigation menu.

    ❗Note: If your Schoology administrator has hidden the 'Writable' link from the left navigation menu, please click on the Writable assignment link from within the Schoology course.

  4. Click on the 'Classes' tab located on the Writable navigation menu. You’ll see all of your imported Schoology courses/sections listed with the Schoology icon.

  5. Click on a class to expand the roster, and confirm that all students are enrolled in the correct classes.

    Student names listed in blue text indicate students are active in the class, because they have either accessed Writable from Schoology or logged into Writable using the 'Login with Schoology' option at However, if they have not done either, their names will appear in light gray text. This indicates they are inactive in Writable. Read more about that here.

    If you add/remove students from your Schoology rosters, you can update your Schoology class rosters in Writable by repeating these steps. If you do not see your updated rosters, please log out and log back into Writable.

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