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How do I sync rosters between Schoology & Writable?
How do I sync rosters between Schoology & Writable?
Learn how to import and sync your Schoology rosters with Writable
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Course rosters stay synced between Writable and Schoology. You can view your class roster by clicking 'Classes' in Writable and selecting a Schoology-linked course.

  • As you add or remove students from your Schoology rosters, they will be updated in Writable. Please log out and log back in if you do not see your rosters update.

  • When students log into Writable using the 'Login with Schoology' option at, or launch the assignment from their Schoology course, their names will appear in dark gray in your class roster. This indicates they are active in the class.

  • If students are listed on a Schoology class roster, but they have NOT launched the assignment in Schoology, their names will appear in light gray text. This indicates they are inactive in Writable.

Not seeing your Schoology roster changes in Writable? Follow these steps to launch into your Writable class from Schoology to sync your most recent class roster.

1. Log in to your district Schoology site.

2. Select the Course from within Schoology.

2. Click on the Writable assignment to open a Writable window with the teacher dashboard for that assignment and course/section.

3. Click 'Classes' in your Writable navigation. You’ll see all of your imported Schoology courses/sections listed with the Schoology icon.

4. Click a class to expand the roster and confirm that all students are enrolled in the correct classes.

Note: If you have not yet created a Writable assignment in Schoology, you may click the 'Writable' link located on the left navigation pane.

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