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How do I import Canvas courses into Writable? 🎥
How do I import Canvas courses into Writable? 🎥

Import rosters from Canvas courses into Writable

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Follow the steps below to launch Writable from Canvas and import your Canvas rosters.

❗ Note: Your Canvas administrator must configure your Canvas integration by following the steps in this article before you can import courses to Writable.

  1. Log into your Canvas account.

  2. Navigate to your Canvas course.

  3. Click on the 'Writable' link located on the left hand navigation pane.

  4. Next, connect a Google or Microsoft account. This will ensure that you will successfully connect to your existing Writable account and prevent duplicate accounts from being created.

  5. Once you have connected your Writable account, that specific Canvas roster will be imported automatically into Writable, under the 'Classes' tab.

  6. Once you have clicked on the Writable link from Canvas once, you will be able to click on the 'Import Canvas' button to import in the rest of your Canvas rosters. You can do this from within Writable in Canvas or directly from Writable.

  7. Once you click 'Import Classes', you may be prompted to authenticate your Canvas with Writable. After that, you will be able to select Canvas courses to import.

Tip: If you have selected multiple Canvas courses, this screen may take several seconds to process the request. Please email us at if this screen fails to load your courses.

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