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How do I import my Canvas courses into Writable?
How do I import my Canvas courses into Writable?

Imports rosters from Canvas into Writable

Updated over a week ago

We have improved our Canvas integration by providing one-click import of your Canvas course and associated course roster.

Note: Canvas Admins must first configure your Canvas account to use this new feature by following the steps in this article.

1. Log into your Canvas account.

2. Navigate to your Canvas course.

3. Click on the 'Writable' link located on the left hand navigation pane.

Once these steps are completed, your Canvas course will be imported into Writable, as well as your course roster.

After teachers have clicked on the Writable link from Canvas once, they can use the ‘Import Canvas Classes’ button inside Writable.

1. Log into Writable at

2. Go to the 'Classes' page in Writable and click 'Import Canvas Classes.'

3. Select the Canvas course(s) that you want to import and click 'Import.'

4. If prompted, please authenticate your Canvas account with Writable.

Note: If you have selected multiple Canvas courses, this screen may take several seconds to process the request. Please email us at if this screen fails to load your courses.

Be sure to connect a Google or Microsoft account when asked, after your first launch into Writable. This helps you seamlessly login at in the future!

To import your Canvas course the previous way, follow the steps in this article:

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