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We’re excited for you to try RevisionAid, one of Writable’s AI feedback tools! RevisionAid joins Writable’s Feedback Engine, which includes self-review, anonymous peer-review, and our many teacher grading tools.

RevisionAid uses on-demand, AI-based recommendations to help students improve their revisions, and it helps teachers save time on grading. RevisionAid gives students targeted feedback earlier in the writing process, especially in the areas of structure, development, and organization.

As a rule-based AI algorithm, RevisionAid differs from many pattern-based AI solutions on the market because it’s easier to set up and more specific to a rubric. It also more closely mirrors how teachers speak and give feedback to their students.

We’re eager to hear how you find RevisionAid’s feedback in your classroom! Please drop us a note with questions or suggestions at support@writable.com.

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