Writable's Time for Kids leveled reading passages offer leveled reading passages and also include differentiated prompts and Spanish versions!

Sample Lesson

Check out the sample below from our collection of Time for Kids Response to Reading. This assignment is designed so students build proficiency in writing a well-structured single-paragraph response. The assignment sample includes three differentiated prompts with leveled scaffolding that supports a gradual release to full independence.

Prompt Differentiation Levels

  • Substantial Scaffolds (Level 3): Students practice writing a well-structured single paragraph in response to nonfiction, with the help of guided supports and substantial scaffolding.
  • Moderate Scaffolds (Level 2): Students practice using evidence to support the main idea as they develop a single-paragraph response to nonfiction, using moderate guidance and scaffolding.
  • Light Scaffolds (Level 1): Students complete a Graphic Organizer and independently write a single paragraph response to a nonfiction text.

Below is a screenshot of assignment settings when using 'Prompt Differentiation'. Teachers can edit and add additional levels of differentiation.

Accessing TIME for Kids Assignments

  1. Login to your Writable account.
  2. Click on 'Explore'.
  3. Set grade band filter to all, middle school, or elementary school.
  4. Select 'Time for Kids' (Leveled Reading)
  5. Select 'Differentiated Prompts'.
  6. Choose an assignment to 'Copy' and/or 'Preview'.

Note: As you preview, you will need to click the 'Change Prompt' in order to see the assignment variation.

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