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How do students log in to Writable from Ed?
How do students log in to Writable from Ed?

Students will use Ed to launch the Writable app and access content, including HMH readings.

Updated this week

If your school or district has purchased Writable through HMH, students should access Writable through Ed by following these directions.

❗ Note: Are you using Writable with only English 3D or Collections? If so, students may need to log in directly at Click here for our Getting Started Guide for Students.

  1. First, students will log into Ed with their HMH credentials.

  2. From the Dashboard, click 'Writable' under "Connected Programs" to launch the Writable app in a new window.

  3. Students can also click the 'Assignments' tab to access Writable.

  4. When launching Writable for the first time, students may be prompted to connect a Google or Microsoft account. To ensure all accounts are connected, It is highly recommended that students sign in to connect their account at this time.


  • Depending on the Writable subscription your school has purchased, you may see the button labeled as 'Writing Tasks'.

  • If students do not see either 'Writable' or 'Writing Tasks', teachers may need to enable programs in the Program Settings using these directions.

❓Do students need more help navigating Ed? Learn more about the Student Dashboard here.

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