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Getting Started for Students
Getting Started for Students

Students can follow this guide to get start on Writable and access their assignments.

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Meet Writable

Writable is a tool that helps students become better writers. Students can work on multiple assignments at a time.

About this Guide

The following guide includes embedded links to step-by-step guides, videos, and additional resources to get students started on the right foot!

Step 1. Log in to your Writable Account

❗ Note: If your class is accessing Writable through another program, choose from this list to see how to get logged in and see your assignments.

If your teacher is not using one of the programs above, they will need to share a join code or link with you. Then follow these steps:

1. Visit and click 'I'm a Student'.

2. Select an option to log in. We highly recommend using Google or Microsoft to log in.

3. Enter the class code which your teacher provided and fill in the other information. If you used a join link, the class code may be pre-filled for you.

If you need additional support with creating your account check out this article or ask your teacher for help.

Step 2. Write

Start your Writable assignment by writing your response to a prompt. From your Writable dashboard, click an assignment to open it.

Then, click anywhere in the 'Read & Write' section.

You will be able to view your prompt, rubric, and reading (if applicable). If your assignment includes a reading, click 'Check & Submit' on the right of the screen to expand the rubric. Click 'Back to Reading' on the left to expand the reading again.

Step 3. Review (Optional)

Reviewing your own writing or providing anonymous feedback to your peers is an important part of becoming a better writer. If your teacher has assigned a peer or self-review you'll be tasked to review and leave feedback on the writing.

Click the 'Review' section on the assignment dashboard to begin reviewing. You can rate the writing using the rubric on the left. Reviewers can also highlight and leave comments.

Step 4. Revise

When you receive peer or teacher reviews, you will also receive comments alongside those reviews to help you improve your writing. Review this feedback to make improvements and submit your revisions for further feedback.

To view your feedback, click on the assignment to open it.

Ratings and comments will be shown on the rubric to the right of the writing. Click 'Revise Now' above the writing, or 'Revise' beneath the rubric to begin making changes to the writing.

Be sure to submit your revision to get more feedback from your teachers or peers.

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