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How can I train teachers using Writable?
How can I train teachers using Writable?

Follow these steps to train other educators in using Writable.

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Follow this guide to set up a Writable class and demonstrate how to use Writable, while helping your colleagues explore Writable from the student perspective.

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NOTE: Do not have teachers create student accounts. Teachers should always create a Teacher account in Writable and use the 'Act as Student' feature to explore and model assignments or use a shared Join Link after creating their Teacher account.

Step 1: Set up your training class

1. Log into your Writable teacher account.

2. Click 'Classes' at the top of your dashboard and click 'Create Class'.

3. Enter a name for your sample class and select a grade level. Then, click 'Create'.

4. Copy the Join Code provided. You'll share this with your colleagues to have them join your class.

Tip! We do not recommend sharing the URL link with teachers. Copy the class code and share that as described here.

Step 2: Assign to your training class

1. If you don't have an assignment you'd like to use with your training class, follow these steps to copy an assignment from our Explore library.

2. Click 'My Assignments' at the top of your dashboard.

3. Click the assignment tile.

4. Click 'Assign'.

5. Check the box next to the class you created in Step 1 for your colleagues or trainees, and click 'Next'.

6. Choose your assignment options and click 'Assign'. You can read more about each option in this article.

Step 3: Have trainees create teacher accounts and join your class

Note: It is important for educators to create teacher accounts when accessing Writable, not student accounts. If using Google Classroom, have trainees create a teacher account before accessing the Google Classroom assignment.

Teachers will use the 'Act as student' feature to join your class, access the assignment, and explore Writable from a student's perspective.

As the teacher for the class, you can also model providing feedback and grading.

1. Teachers will visit and click 'I'm a teacher'.

2. Teachers will choose their preferred sign-in option.

3. Have teachers click the profile icon in the top right corner.

4. Then they click 'Act as Student' to enter the student experience.

5. Teachers click 'Join a class' and enter the Join Code shared by the trainer or colleague.

6. When you are finished exploring as a student, click the 'Act as Teacher' link in the top right corner to return to your teacher account.

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