Writable's AI tools support your students in drafting and revision by providing targeted suggestions for improvement. Teachers can enable supports for all students on an assignment, or for individual students, by following the steps below.

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Enable AI Student Supports for a Class

Use these steps to turn on AI student supports for your entire class while assigning.

Tip! After you've assigned, you can also edit the assignment settings to turn on AI-powered supports after students have submitted their first draft.

1. From 'My Assignments', click the assignment tile.

2. Click the 'Assign' button.

3. Check the box next to the class(es) you'd like to assign the activity and click 'Next'.

4. Check the boxes next to the AI student supports you'd like to enable and click 'Assign'.

NOTE: If you don’t see RevisionAid as an option while assigning it’s easy to set it up with your prompt using these directions.

Want to learn more about each of the AI student supports? Click the links below!

Manage AI Student Supports for Individual Students

Support individual students with AI tools by following the steps below.

Note: Teachers can only adjust individual student supports after an assignment has been assigned to the class.

1. From 'My Assignments' click the assignment tile.

2. Click to select the class.

3. Scroll down to view the class list. Under each student you can view the AI Insights. Hover over an AI student support to see if it has been enabled for the student.

4. To enable or disable the AI student supports for an individual student, or view detailed reports for each tool, click anywhere in the student area.

5. Toggle the AI student supports on and off as you'd like.

6. Use the tabs at the top of the screen to see detailed reports of each tool, based on the student's most recently submitted writing.

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