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How do I use the Proficiency & Recommendation Report?
How do I use the Proficiency & Recommendation Report?

Build your proficiency report to track skill mastery over time and view targeted assignments for differentiated student groups.

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See student performance based on multiple graded assignments over a period of time and find recommended tasks and assignments. This report provides an at-a-glance view of a class' proficiency in reading and in 3 key writing modes- Argument, Informational, and Narrative. With the Proficiency & Recommendation Report, teachers and administrators can:

  • Use proficiency data to form differentiated writing groups

  • Access data-informed assignment recommendations that build skill mastery

On this page:

Building a Proficiency Report

Walk step-by-step through creating a custom report to view Student Mastery over time.

1. Click 'More' and ‘Report’ at the top of your Writable page, and then click 'Proficiency Report'.

2. Set the parameters for your custom report. Select which Grade Levels, School(s), and Teacher(s) you’d like to include.

Note: Teachers will have access to only their assignments and classes. Administrators will be able to pull reports across the school or district level.

3. Choose the date range you would like included in the report. All graded assignments and assessments submitted during this period can be added to the report.

Tip! If you do not see a student’s work included in the report, check that the student has submitted the assignment and that it has been graded.

4. Select the type of assignments to include. You can choose all assignments, or only report on shared assessments.

5. Then choose which specific assignments to include in your mastery data by checking or unchecking the boxes. You can also click ‘Select All’ to include all assignments in the specified date range.


  • Archived and unassigned assignments will still be included in the list of assignments.

  • If teachers use similarly-named assignments, they can follow these steps to change the assignment name. Unique assignment names can help when picking which assignments to include in a report.

6. Once you’ve checked the assignments, click ‘Run Report’ in the bottom corner.

Reading the Proficiency Report

Learn how to navigate and interpret the report results and student groupings.

1. In the Student Mastery Report you will see overall student mastery for each genre in Writable: Argumentative, Narrative, Informational, Reading and Grammar. A color key will be to the right of the charts.

Tip! Click the cog in the top-right corner of your report to customize the proficiency levels.

❗ Note: If a genre is empty, this indicates that no skills in that genre were graded in the included assignments for this report. In the example above, no Reading skills have been graded in this report. You can click ‘Reconfigure Report Parameters’ in the top-left corner to adjust your data set anytime.

2. Click ‘Details’ beneath any genre to see the individual skills in this category. In the example below we have clicked to view the details for the Argumentative genre.

3. Click 'Student Groupings' to show the mastery level and students’ names.

Tip! A number and arrow beside a student's name indicate the overall change in their proficiency from the first assignment to the final assignment in the report.

4. (Optional) Click the blue ‘Export Data’ link in the top right corner to export the student data to a CSV file.

Viewing and Assigning Recommendations

Take action with Recommended assignments and Next Steps tailored to student performance groups.

1. While viewing the Student Groupings on your report, scroll down to the bottom of the grouping lists and click ‘Recommend’. In our example, we’ll look at recommendations for the “Meets” group of students.

2. Next, you will see recommended steps for additional practice. In this example, students are Approaching mastery and need the most support in “Drafting an Introduction”. Click ‘Assignments’ below a skill.

3. Then you’ll see specific assignments recommended to support students with this skill. Click ‘Preview’ to see an assignment as it will look to students.

Tip! If you're not ready to assign to your students yet, click 'Copy to My Assignments' while previewing to save the assignment for future-use.

4. If you would like to assign to this proficiency group immediately, click ‘Assign’.

  • Please note the following when assigning from the Proficiency & Recommendation Report

    • Assigning from the Proficiency Report will only assign to the students in the selected grouping.

    • As these are dynamic groups of students, they will not align with LMS-linked rosters, such as Schoology, Canvas, or Google Classroom.

    • Assignments assigned through the Proficiency & Recommendation Report may not sync to an LMS-linked gradebook.

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