How do I edit an assignment?

Understand how to edit an existing assignment.

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You can make an assignment your own by editing the prompts, rubrics, and sections using the steps below.

❗ Note: Make sure you have an assignment copied to My Assignments. For directions on finding and copying assignments, click here: How do I browse and choose assignments?

1. Click 'My Assignments' and find the assignment you’d like to edit. You can use the drop-down to filter by which classes it has been assigned to, or search by the assignment title.

Tip! It's best to edit assignments before assigning them to your classes. If you edit an assignment that students have already started, please keep in mind how your changes may impact existing work.

2. Click the assignment tile.

3. Then click the 'Edit' button.

4. In Assignment Settings section you can adjust your assignment title. Click 'Preview As Student' any time to see how your assignment will look to students. You can also add an Audio/Video Mini-Lesson.

NOTE: Audio/Video uploads have a limit of 80 MB. In-app Audio/Video recordings have a recording limit of 5 minutes.

Click 'More' to expand additional options. From here you can:

  • Edit the learning objective

  • Choose a scoring option

  • Pick how to show assignment sections

  • Add or change an assignment image

  • Add notes for other teachers who may use this assignment

5. In the Prompt section you can edit the prompts for the assignment. If there are multiple prompts, use the arrows or dropdown to select a prompt.

6. Below the Prompts, you'll see the sections of the assignment. Each section is shown as a tab. Click a tab to view the section and make changes.

Click the + icon to add a new section or click the menu icon to manage sections.

7. There are 2 types of sections in Writable assignments.

  • Single Response Sections have a single response area with a corresponding rubric. These are ideal for having students compose a written response. These sections must include a rubric. Rubrics will be used when students self-review, peer review, and for teacher grading. Check out these articles for more detailed information on editing rubrics and rubric items.

  • Multi Response Sections are a workspace with multiple response formats. These sections can include multiple-choice questions, short-response questions, and organizers. Questions in a Multi Response Section can correspond to a rubric item.

8. Once you've finished editing your assignment, we recommend scrolling to the top of the page to 'Preview As Student'. Changes to your assignment will save automatically.

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