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How do I change scores to points, percentages or numeric?
How do I change scores to points, percentages or numeric?

Follow these steps to adjust how you and your students view assignment scores

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Looking for more information on different scoring options in Writable? Click here!

1. Click 'My Assignments' and find the assignment you’d like to edit. You can use the drop-down to filter by which classes it has been assigned to, or search by the assignment title.

2. Click the assignment tile.

3. Then click the 'Edit' button.

4. In 'Assignment Settings' under 'Scoring', click the button next to the option you'd like to use. This will determine how grades are shown to students and exported. Your choice will be saved automatically.

5. Select the Display Mode for review of extended response rubric Item proficiency levels. The chosen interface will show during teacher grading review, or student self-review. Short response type questions will always display as checkmarks. Choose from one of three options:

  • Display Points or Percentage: This will show the given percentage, or point value of a given rubric proficiency level. This allows transparency for how overall grades are calculated.

  • Display Stars: Rubric proficiency levels are represented as stars. Grades are still calculated as a point value, percentage, or numeric.

  • Display Numeric Scores: Rubric proficiency values are always displayed in numeric whole number form (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.) regardless of the underlying value. Use this option to easily align to a numeric rubric.

To Preview the display mode, click "Preview as Student," and click "Preview as Reviewer."

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