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How do I find recommended assignments?
How do I find recommended assignments?

Differentiate practice for individual students and student groups with recommended assignments based on proficiency.

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Writable makes targeted instruction easy with recommended assignments. Based on students' proficiency in skills, teachers can find and assign activities to differentiate skill practice. In this article, we will share three ways teachers can find and use recommended assignments.

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From the Proficiency & Recommendation Report

Create a Proficiency & Recommendation Report using these directions to view students' skill proficiency across assignments and genres. Drill down student proficiency groupings to preview recommended assignments and assign them to a student group.

Tips! Please note the following when assigning from the Proficiency & Recommendation Report

  • Assigning from the Proficiency Report will only assign to the students in the selected grouping.

  • As these are dynamic groups of students, they will not currently align with LMS-linked rosters, such as Schoology, Canvas, or Google Classroom.

  • Assignments assigned through the Proficiency & Recommendation Report will not currently sync to an LMS-linked gradebook.

  • At this time recommended assignments will not include HMH-based content.

On the Assignment Dashboard

Teachers can check on assignment progress for the class or individual students from the Assignment Dashboard. In addition to providing feedback, teachers can now click on 'Practice Recommendations' to see the Proficiency & Recommendation Report for this assignment.

From the Proficiency & Recommendation Report, teachers can see how students performed on the skills in the assignment and assignment recommended, differentiated practice using these steps.

While Grading Student Submissions

Teachers can now assign recommended practice to individual students who need more support in a specific skill. While grading a student's writing, teachers can click to add a comment and then choose the 'Find Differentiated Practice' option to see recommended assignments for the student. For additional information, click here.

Note: Differentiated Practice assignments will not automatically sync a grade to an LMS (i.e. Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology) gradebook.

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