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How do I save and use My Rubrics?

Save your customized rubrics to reuse in future assignments

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If you have edited a rubric to suit your instructional needs, save it to 'My Rubrics' to reuse it in a future assignment.

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Saving a Rubric

1. Click on an assignment, then click the 'Edit' button.

2. Edit your rubric and rubric items.

3. Once you are ready to save your rubric, click 'Save to My Rubrics'.

4. Enter a title for your rubric and click 'Save'.

5. You will have a chance to make any additional edits to the assignment. Then click 'Done'.

Tip! Note which grade levels and genres are in your rubric. These will impact how the rubric categorized and saved in the Rubric Explorer for future use.

Using a Saved Rubric

If you have saved a rubric to My Rubrics, you can follow these steps to locate your rubric and use it in an assignment.

1. Click on an assignment, then click the 'Edit' button.

2. Scroll down to find the rubric section of the assignment.

3. Click 'Explore Rubrics'.

4. In the Rubric Explorer, use the grade level and genre dropdown options to locate your rubric. Saved rubrics will show first under 'My Rubrics'.

Tip! Any rubrics shared by your district leaders will also be shown under the 'District Rubrics' category.

5. Click on the rubric you'd like to use, and then click 'Use Rubric'.

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