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How do I schedule an assignment for later?
How do I schedule an assignment for later?

Use the "Hide Until" option to schedule an assignment to publish at a future time for your classes.

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Writable knows that teachers like to prepare lessons and assignments ahead of time. We're excited to share our 'Hide Until' feature which allows teachers to schedule an assignment for a future date.

Note: Once an assignment has been published, it can not be scheduled for a later time.

Follow these steps to assign to your classes at a specified date:

1. From the 'My Assignments' page in Writable, find and click on the assignment.

❗ NOTE: In order to assign something to a class, you need to make sure you’ve copied the assignment to 'My Assignments' or created your own.

2. Click 'Assign'.

3. Check the boxes next to the class(es) you want to assign to, then click 'Next'.

4. In the assignment options, be sure the check the 'Hide Until' box at the bottom.

Tip! You can also check to assign to your LMS-linked classes (ex. Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas). The assignment will be published in your LMS course at the scheduled date.

5. Once you have checked this box, click on the blue date to choose which date you would like the assignment to become active.

6. Choose your date and click 'Save'.

7. The scheduled publish date will be shown. If this date looks correct, then click 'Assign'.

8. Once scheduled, the assignment will be shown as 'Unassigned' and the scheduled date will be visible in the Active Options. Click the pencil icon to edit assignment options, including the scheduled date.

Tips & Notes:

  • Once an assignment has been published, it can no longer be scheduled for a future date.

  • To schedule an assignment for separate dates for classes, follow the assignment steps above for each individual class section.

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