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How do I create an assignment?

Build your own assignments from scratch using the Create tab in Writable.

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Writable uses the power of AI to create engaging and relevant assignments with just a few clicks. From the 'Create' page you can find assisted wizards to walk you step-by-step through creating any of these assignment types:

  • High 5 Quick Write: Perfect for short, 5-minute daily writing activities the High 5: Quick Write creator includes AI Suggested Prompts and a simple skill tracking component.

  • Read & Write Essay : Jump into an extended writing assignment where you can include your own readings. Enter your own prompt or use the AI Prompt Suggestions to build an assignment graded with a full (customizable) rubric and optional readings.

  • Knowledge Building: Build students' background knowledge and context about ay topic with the AI-powered Knowledge Building assignment. Choose from different genres, question types, and AI-generated readings at three levels to help students explore and understand new topics while addressing key reading and writing skills.

  • Book Journey: Enter a book title and genre to can quickly generate Quick Writes tied to specific skills and assign them in a Writable Journey. These bite-size assignments are perfect accompaniment for your class or small group book study.

  • Custom Assignment: Use Writable's assignment creation wizard to build an assignment from scratch, including different question types, graphic organizers, readings, and more.

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