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What does the lightbulb next to my rubric item mean?
What does the lightbulb next to my rubric item mean?

If your district or assignment uses AI-generated scoring, your rubric items will show a lightbulb with an AI score suggestion.

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As of Fall 2023, AI-suggested scores are enabled on all Writable assignments, unless your district disables this feature. While scoring an assignment, you may see a small light bulb icon next to a rubric item. The GradeAssist lightbulb indicates that AI Grading has been enabled in your district and/or for this assignment.

Once students submit an assignment enabled with GradeAssist scoring, an AI-generated Draft Score will appear to the teacher on 'Guide & Grade'.

1. Click 'Review this Submission' to adjust the Draft Score.

2. The rubric will show a draft score for each item, as well as an AI-suggested comment.

3. You can click a different score manually, or click the lightbulb icon to disable AI suggestions altogether.

4. For Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics (GUMS) rubric items, click 'View Report' or 'Close Report' next to the rubric item to see the detailed grammar report in the writing window.

GrammarAid will highlight the GUMS-related issues in the writing while providing an AI-suggested score for you to accept or adjust.

5. Once you have scored all rubric items, click 'Submit' to save and share the feedback with your student.


  • Click the lightbulb icon as many times as you'd like to remove and re-add the suggested score and comment.

  • With GradeAssist, you can still highlight and leave comments on student writing for more targeted feedback.

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