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How do I manage pop-up chat notifications?
How do I manage pop-up chat notifications?

Adjust your browser notification settings to stay up-to-date on student messages and work.

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Using Writable's Instant Conference you can engage your students with in-the-moment feedback and start meaningful feedback conversations.

To help you manage your messaging notifications, follow these steps to enable browser notifications in a Google Chrome browser.

1. When prompted in Writable, click 'Yes' to enable notifications in the top yellow banner.

2. Click 'Allow' on the notification pop-up.

3. If you don't see the pop-up, your browser may be blocking push notifications. Click the 'Notifications blocked' icon in the address bar to open permissions. You can then allow push notifications.

Tip! If you do not see where to allow notifications, you can also follow these steps from Google Chrome to manage them manually.

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